Make a Difference day – Saturday 9th March

Picture of Finn, Cam, Owen, Shea and Alex holding bird boxes

The Saturday morning started off wet with a missle of rain as the Friends gathered in Eden Bridge Garden bothy and discussed the jobs for the day that needed doing. Tools were gathered up and off everyone went to their allotted  tasks. Weeding, litter picking, pruning, transplanting and a marinade of other little jobs.

Anne had organised some work to be done by 5 young lads doing their Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme. They were to work as a team to make bird boxes for the gardens while using core woodworking skills. Drills, screws, hammer, nails, old inner tube and rough sawn wood were provided. Bird boxes soon began to take shape and were finished to a very good standard. Our thanks go to Finn, Cam, Owen, Shea and Alex for putting in the effort to help us. The boxes will be put up in the next few weeks ready for our feathered friends who are seeking a nesting site.

This is an ongoing project to make around 60 boxes for the park over the next few years and we would encourage groups to come and help.

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